Mountain Supplements

During exercise energy is used and lost. Dogs' body does not have enough reserves of essential vitamins and amino acids used during activity and deficiency occurs. It is seen as muscle soreness and fatigue, decreasing energy and durability, lowering mind concentration which ends with injuries. 

The body cannot store all necessary nutrients the dogs body may or may not need and use it when it is necessary, BUT giving them all the stuff in time before some extreme activity is possible! And better yet, MOUNTAIN PRE-RUN gots exactly what your dog needs before any type of activity.

BCAA (branch chained amino-acids; isoleucine, valine and leucine) are a group of essential amino acids that muscles ‘burn’ to get energy. Giving them before or during exercise, they prevent muscle breakdown and decrease muscle fatigue.

Second must-give combination for your active dog are vitamins A, C and E, giving the muscles much needed stress release. Antioxidants inhibit oxidation and production of free radicals that damage muscle cells.

Giving this supplement 60 min before and / or during activity you make sure your dogs body is fuelled and protected for any activity being it a hike, run or something more extreme.

Package: 100 g

Recommended dosage: Give 2g of MOUNTAIN PRE-RUN to 10kg dog. Mix with little amount of water, a bit of food or wet treat and give 30-60 minutes before activity or in between activities.